Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frame Tray Project

WOW, it's been a while! I haven't stopped doing projects - just haven't gotten to posting them.
Been busy with work and the holidays.

I found this little frame at a thrift store for $4.

I've been needing a bigger tray on my dining room table, but it's also always bugged me that you can hardly see what's on my table past the chairs, so when I saw this frame, I figured I'd make a tray out of it and why not add some little wooden feet to give it some height too?

I just painted with 1 coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in "Old White"...

Then I seriously just hot glued the feet onto the cardboard on the back of the frame!!

Cut a little burlap to put in the frame and done! So easy.
The whole thing took me maybe an hour.

Also, did you notice this just beyond the dining room table?

I made this just a few days ago also. It was a $2 mirror from a thrift.
Spray painted with chalkboard paint and put Ms. Gracie Wiggles' name on it so she'd feel special. LOL!

What a brat! I chuckle every time I see her go to her bowl now. It's just so silly!

Well, until next time...

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  1. Love the tray! Very cute. And congratulations on your engagement. Lisa~