Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Silk Flowers Tutorial

If you haven't made these before, you won't believe how easy they are. And fast!

(on top of my $13 thrift store side table. i really wish i had taken a before picture!)

All the supplies you need: synthetic polyester silk fabric, beads, thread, scissors and a candle.

Cut the fabric into a square or circle. It's not critical for it to be perfect because you're going to be singeing the edges using the candle.

Hold the edge of the fabric over the flame. You don't have to be very close - just close enough for the heat to singe the very edge of the fabric. This may take some practice at first.

Repeat this step 3-4 times on different sized pieces of fabric to make the layers of your flower.

Once you're done, sew your bead(s) into the middle of the flower to hold the layers together.


Ah, now time to go do some laundry haha! Have fun making your flowers! I know I have :)

Ta-ta for now,

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