Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cheap Imitations

This wasn't actually one of my projects. It was one my mom did and she made one for me as well. These books pictured above are $39.99 on the Pottery Barn website. "We’ve taken authentic vintage books and turned them into art objects by removing their covers and binding them together in sets of four." And as much as we love Pottery Barn, we're cheap and we enjoy a good project. So she copied them and made one for herself and one for me.

Here is mine (in front of the ice bucket I found at Salvation Army for $1.50... but that's another story!) How adorable is that? I love it. She said they were so easy to make. She bought old paperbacks from a thrift store, ripped the covers off and tied them in a stack using twine. I bent up the corners of the pages a little because I wanted even more of a vintage feel.

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