Monday, January 17, 2011

And so it begins...

If you were to look at my Facebook page, you'd think all I do is refinish old furniture and work on other crafty projects. I need a new outlet to show off my projects - and hopefully find other bloggers to follow and get new ideas from! :)

I'll start it off by posting pictures of my most recent project, a $10 Salvation Army stool I painted and recovered. When I saw it I immediately said "OMG it's so cute!" and my boyfriend, Tim, responded with a grimace. I love being able to see the potential in a piece of old furniture that others don't see.

Here it is in my car on the way home.

After sanding and 3 coats of paint that I already owned from a previous project. Still has the original fabric on it. Didn't have the fabric yet but couldn't wait to see what it'd look like with the top back on.

And the completed project (next to a thrift store dresser I fixed up a while back).

My mom stenciled this fabric for me using fabric paint and a wall stencil! She did a fabulous job. Isn't it perfect?

And so there it is! Hopefully I can keep at this thing and come back later to show off another project! Until next time!


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